At the end of the 19th century, Russian scientists began to investigate the nature of headache sensations arising in the head. It was then that the first scientific works devoted to the analysis of headaches appeared. Scientists noted that the course of the disease is largely influenced by the individual anatomical features of each organism. In their opinion, the painful condition was noticed not only in the soft parts of the head and in the numerous weaving of nerves, but also in the constituent parts of the skull and facial bones. A glaring factor in the occurrence of headaches is brain injury. The nature of the disease in some cases also lies in violations of the work of other systems and functional capabilities of the body. Headache requires a special approach to diagnosis - the attending physician carefully examines the symptoms and then prescribes treatment.

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Every person, at least once in his life, has felt the discomfort arising from a headache. The ill health associated with this ailment appears in combination with acute respiratory colds, viral infections and the flu. Sources of headaches are: meteorological dependence (reaction to changes in weather conditions); failure of sleep mode; stressful condition; overeating and lack of appetite; prolonged stay of the body in a hot environment; hypothermia; excessive physical activity; bad habits (smoking or alcohol abuse). Other, no less important, headache provocateurs are oxygen starvation of the brain and its membranes, pathological abnormalities of the neck or head. As a rule, head cramps are in many cases the only clear symptom of other ailments. Irritation of the meninges receptor is associated with irritation of the autonomic system of the brain and several types of nerves (trigeminal, vagus, glossopharyngeal, cutaneous), spinal root in the neck and facial muscles. Failure of the nerve endings, irritation of the nervous and vascular system of the skull leads to the manifestation of very severe headaches. The factors that cause pain in the head are of a different nature and manifestation, duration and frequency. The disease can overtake a person in different areas of the head: the back of the head, temples or crown. The headache sometimes occurs on its own, in other cases it is supplemented by other symptoms of poor health. Headache is often accompanied by loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, and surges in blood pressure. Vision problems are also directly related to this ailment. To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor should consider where the headache is located, its duration, accompanying symptoms and frequency in order to prescribe an effective treatment. From time to time, absolutely healthy people face a headache. If a short-term attack has acquired greater intensity, repetition, uniformity, you need to consult a doctor for advice. This condition signals you that you have a serious illness.

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International classification of headache due to physical stress; due to external compression of the head; cluster; with migraine; after increased sexual activity; without structural damage to brain tissue; resulting from craniocerebral head injuries; as a result of vegetative-vascular diseases, in connection with taking / canceling the use of medications; as a symptom of a disease of intracranial structures; with bacterial infections; due to metabolic disorders; due to the pathology of the cranial nerve plexuses. If a severe headache is a symptom of another disease, it is a secondary ailment. It complements the problems associated with injuries, intracranial diseases, infections, intoxications, metabolic disorders, unhealthy blood vessels. Headache can occur due to life-threatening illnesses (with meningitis, brain tumors, subarachnoid hemorrhages, strokes). Secondary headache is caused by overuse of caffeinated drinks and refusal to take pain medication. Often, doctors diagnose a hybrid type of pain syndrome: overexertion plus a secondary symptom in the form of migraine.

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